Dixita Galiyal was born in Thane, Maharashtra (India) and grew up in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. She did her graduation in Instrumentation & Control Engineering in 2014 from Gujarat Technological University. For the last 5 years, she has worked mainly in SAP Industry where her forte is. She’s the author of the book, Online Marketing HACKS, which is her first ever book published on Amazon. She started this project about a few months ago and it took her quite some time to upgrade her skills and knowledge before penning down the thoughts. And she turned this project around and finished writing in a finite amount of time at a much later stage, with the help of team (us) at SAP Expert Solutions. Dixita had started this project 6 months after launching the Digital Enterprise, SAP Expert Solutions. She wanted to create and write something beneficial and amazing for everyone. The main focus of this book are the hacks and strategies of Online Marketing for every online business. This book is in-line with the latest technologies and latest marketing tools and platforms used by millennials today and is developed with the aim of helping each entrepreneur all around the world. The hacks discussed in this book are of utmost importance for each kind of business, irrespective of the type and nature. We hope that this smart guide/book provides you with the enough knowledge so that you implement those hacks in your business and make the most of it!

After her graduation, Dixita had developed websites for various healthcare and manufacturing clients based in the US, worked on several SAP Live projects with individual clients in South Wales, Montreal and London. Besides being a tech-savvy, she’s an outdoor sports junkie, loves reading and is a dog person!

She recently founded and launched her first Digital Enterprise called, SAP Expert Solutions, along with a few freaks and dreamers like her. The Enterprise provides 24X7 support and SAP solutions worldwide. She’s globally certified in SAP ABAP, Screen Personas, S/4HANA, SAP BO, SAP HANA Cloud Platform and much more. She’s very much confident about her interests and career decisions in life. She’s a vivid reader and likes Fiction, Non-Fiction, Technologies, Sci-Fi, Electronic Gadgets, Autobiographies and Business Magazines and is a fan of Action & Horror Movies. One can reach out to her or just send a ‘Hey’ online! These are her social media handles:

  1. Instagram: dixita07
  2. Facebook Messenger: DIXITA
  3. Twitter: DIXITA
  4. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dixita-galiyal-2836a1a7

Dixita is visionary and an idealist. She’s a firm believer of learning. If you believe in learning, irrespective of your age, language and location, you’ll be successful. She’s always been a keen learner and this habit of her has helped shape her personality.


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