SES 89: #5 Best Marketing Tips to Rank Higher on Google Search

Do you know what a Nightmare is? A nightmare is seeing your blog or website on the bottom pages of the Google search, now matter how much work you put in!

You might have been in a situation when you put efforts but nothing worked. Despite improving your marketing game, your website still doesn’t make it to the top search results. How I know it? Because I’ve been there and thus, I can relate to it.

So, today I’ll break down this simple procedure and give away the 5 best marketing tips to rank higher on Google search.

1. Check Your SEO

In order to rank higher on Google search, you should begin with your SEO for your content. Check and work on your SEO and make your SEO game strong, to attract more traffic to your website.

If you have enough marketing talent in the staff, you can look for help from other companies. There are many tools (free & paid) to give you SEO-optimized website and expert finish to your brand online.

2. Drive Customers using Google My Business

There are a number of Google products for the users to make life easier. From Google Maps to Keep, to Google Ads and to AdSense. One of the best products of Google, especially for websites and small businesses, is the Google My Business.

With the help of Google My Business, your customers can find your office/shop/business online on maps and search results. Google lets you create a profile for your business for free, using which you can post offers to drive more and more traffic to your website or physical business. Also, the customers have the freedom to call/message and connect with your directly and can also leave good reviews/testimonials for your business.

3. Search for Most Searched Keywords

Keywords really help in understanding what customers are looking for or searching online. You can use any tool available online for searching the top searched keywords by the users on Google. And once you have all the possible keywords relevant to your website/business, then you can optimize your website accordingly with those keywords.

Some of the best tools for keywords search are Alexa, SpyFu, SimilarWeb, Google Trends and SEMRush. If you wish to read in-depth about all the tools and platforms that are sure shot guaranteed to get good results, then check out this book by CLICKING HERE.

4. Optimize Your Website

Simply optimizing your blog or website won’t help in ranking higher on Google searches. But, optimizing your website according to the improved SEO, will help you drive more traffic to your website and help in ranking high.

Make sure your website has updated information. Also, make it a habit to post regularly. It could be a social media post, an offer, or a blog. Consistency always goes a long way!

5. Create Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Did you know that mobile-optimized websites are ranked higher by Google than those website that are not designed for mobile devices. Thus, in order to rank higher in the Google search results, create your website mobile-friendly and mobile-responsive.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages helps in making your website content mobile-friendly, thereby improving the website’s ranking in Google search.

Keep a check on the keywords you use for marketing. They play important role to attract customers. For example, if you’re selling a product that reduces belly fat, and just so you know, people have become millionaires in this particular niche! 😊

Let’s say you use keywords like, “fat” or “belly fat” or “kill fat”. This won’t help, honestly. Platforms like Google Trends and KWFinder display a whole list of possible keywords in any niche trending in the market, with the number of searched keywords, users from various demographics and the number of views for each page. This can be helpful if you’re not sure which keywords to use and want to check the right ones before creating your sales page. This way, you can make sure that your keyword and SEO is on point!

Use keywords in your blog that are easily searched and commonly used on the internet. Your SEO is directly proportional to the visibility of the blogs you write. Thus, more blogs improve and increase your SEO. Check the titles (headings) of your blogs and keywords on your blog, so that it ends on top of the search result, when someone searches your website or simply a related topic.

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SES 88: My Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing

Majorly, all the firms and companies are already using traditional marketing strategies for their businesses for the purposes like manufacturing, product selling, advertising, etc. In order to sustain in this business and in the market, many spend thousands of dollars in hiring marketing talent. Thus, marketing plays an important role in every business, irrespective of their revenue, size and nature of business. We all have heard different definitions of Marketing.

Online Marketing is all about strategies or methods and tools to advertise or promote services and products on internet. Since, there are many marketing channels available today, online marketing is more effective and has a wider range than traditional marketing. Online Marketing is also known as Digital Marketing or Web Marketing or Internet Marketing or even Search Engine Marketing. Some of the key advantages an Online Marketer can have, are:

  • Advanced Communication
  • Competitive Benefit
  • Potential Growth
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Better Control of the Business
  • Lesser Expenses

Strategies for Online Marketing

Now that you’ve learnt about online marketing, let’s get into the strategies (hacks) for Online Marketing.

1. Know Your Customer’s Needs & Requirements

In order to make huge number of sales, marketers and individuals usually end up selling the products at a price, lower than its worth. This is the main reason why many businesses do not survive for long, by selling the products at a cheaper rate. Don’t worry if the customer thinks that your product’s rate is too high and he can’t afford it. Majorly, 90% of the customers and prospects react and take action to the marketing campaigns in the customized and personalized emails sent by the marketers. Thus, one would have a better shot at getting those potential sales and earning great market share in their niche, via these personalized email campaigns.

With the customer’s contact details and personal information, marketers think they have the required data to run a successful business. But what they don’t understand is that they lack web analytics, behavioral data and past purchases of the customer. No access to this information means poor campaign, and thus, poor online marketing business. Thus, keep your business flexible and keep your marketing hacks clear and flexible, in order to know what your customers are like and what they want.

It is of immense importance to understand the customers and their needs and requirements. Because the more you understand it, the more you can create high-quality products and services to satisfy the customers and even attract potential prospects. By taking notes on this one, you can actually get an extra edge over other competitors in the niche. The foundation of any business’s success is the customer. One of the foremost and supreme goals of your marketing methods should be to identify the needs and wants of your customer. To achieve long-term goal in your business, you must take customer importance seriously at all the stages of marketing.

2. Get Your Data on Point!

The study of data analysis and survey charts on consumers and customers, may sound little vague and boring initially. Knowing what the customer needs, what he thinks, what he says about your services to others, his behavioral pattern in terms of purchasing products, say a lot about your success. So, if you get as much as data as you can, you’re making sure that the business won’t fail, as customers keep coming back to those users/individuals and marketers, who listen to them and remember their needs and opinions for future use too.

Keep a check on the keywords you use for marketing. They play important role to attract customers. Platforms like Google Trends and KWFinder display a whole list of possible keywords in any niche trending in the market, with the number of searched keywords, users from various demographics and the number of views for each page. Obviously, data is the King and data analytics is a game changer for the marketers! Data analytics can predict the need for inventory and can also prevent the business to run out of stock. Yes, that’s the power of data analytics in today’s digital economy. The more data you have to determine behavior of your target audience, the better!

  • With the Data Analysis, you can do the following: With the data charts, you can get to know which campaign of your business did better than other campaigns and remove the errors to build better marketing campaigns.
  • The more you analyze the market data, the more you understand the current market better. Keep a track on the strategies that are working absolutely fine.
  • Data analysis gives you an approximate idea of the future market. You can forecast or predict your brand’s future based on the data charts.

3. Choose Your Niche Wisely

Once, you choose a niche, you can start the campaign right away for the target audience of that niche. Every niche (Education, E-Marketing, Travel, Garden, Business, Entertainment, Gaming, Health) isn’t limited to one or two things; it can go way beyond its definition, in some cases. And as you go deeper into a niche, you’ll be able to build potential for response and engagement during your campaign period.

Choosing niche is considered to be one of the first and foremost steps to becoming a successful online marketing business. Whatever niche you choose, that will become your industry and specialization for the years to come. Choosing a niche helps you focus on one particular field for particular audience, who are likely to buy the products. Thus, your efforts will be focused and will be more effective compared to other businesses with more than one single niche. Although, you can switch over to another niche if the current niche is exhausted and has served hundreds and thousands of consumers already. Many users have become millionaires with just one niche for the longest time. Why holding on to one niche is advised, because with time, you can master and become an expert in that particular field. Thus, you’ll be able to deliver quality products more compared to your competitors in the market. This way, you’ll also gain trust from consumers, as they’ll know you as someone who’s specialized in that particular niche. Concentrating on one niche by default, creates a tower of trust, which eventually ensures that your customers will keep buying from you.   

Picking a niche is just like a game. If you compete with everyone out there, obviously the probability of you winning is less. You might win nothing. However, if you choose one particular topic (niche), you can concentrate all your efforts, energy and time on one expertise and stand out in the market. Thus, choosing a niche makes it effortless to start and run a business, as all your effort and energy is focused in one direction. Just so you know, by working on a niche and building products and services on a specific niche, can leverage your expertise in that area and distinguish your business from others. Enhanced customer relationships, visibility increase in market, less competition and honed expertise are some of the advantages of picking a niche and building your brand around it.

4. Start Blogging

No matter what your niche is, no matter what your budget is, it’s advisable to write a blog on the same. These days, you’ll find a number of online marketers and content developers monetizing their blogs or websites. And trust me, it is a smart move as it keeps your business on check. There’s a huge need for the good content on the internet. Creating a blog or a website, writing posts or articles and maintaining it sounds like time-consuming and tedious thing. But, long-term this habit of continuous blogging, will pay off everything.

Blogging is the prime part of the online marketing hack. Many people ignore it at first, but then eventually have to start blogging for their businesses. If you’re running a supreme MNC, or a small startup, or even just thinking to start one in near future, I suggest you better start blogging now. Because 3-4 years from now, you’ll be thankful that you started blogging and maintained one. A high-quality blog that you write on a specific niche of your business, can get you views and leads. If you get 1000 views on one of your blogs on a particular topic, there’s a probability of getting a minimum of 10 leads out of it, which can pay you 10 sales. Sounds interesting, right? Well, more regular blogs mean more chances of leads. You may not get leads instantly, but the time and energy you invest for your blogs today, can convert into hundreds of views and leads in the future.

A blog provides a two-way communication with the customers, which helps in developing the relationship even further. The readers or visitors can leave comments on your blogs which you can reply to and understand their views and have a personal connect with them. You should dig deeper and deeper into your specialty and expand your knowledge. Because the more you learn, the more you’ll be able to share it with your audience.

Did you know blogging is a great way to collect emails? That’s right. This is probably the easiest way to collect emails from blogging, where you can drive the traffic to the website and use a squeeze page to capture visitor’s emails. That’s the very job of a blog. Moreover, a blog makes you look professional, as a blog adds exceptionally well to your credibility. You can even send the traffic to your current or best offers that you want to promote. Thus, this not only builds and generates the organic traffic, but also provides good conversion rates over other businesses.

Benefits of Online Marketing

Today, the world literally revolves around internet. It has become the center of attraction. From online marketing, a user not only is able to use modern tools and platforms for growing customer base and leads generation, but also optimize their profits and his business name (brand name). Most of them are progressing in their own niche very aggressively. Obviously, there’s always a competition where we all want to be successful and Online Marketing has let them expand their businesses as each one has mastered their respective niches over the years. Let’s understand some of the benefits of Online Marketing.

  • Low Operational Cost – One of the main advantages of online marketing is less operational cost. One can advertise or market anything and everything at a cheaper rate using digital marketing than with old school traditional marketing methods like press printing, radio, etc.
  • 24X7 Work, work, work – Did you know that you could handle millions of customers simultaneously? The customers can buy your products or services whenever and wherever from any device, thereby running your business 24X7, on the clock!
  • Information/Data Collection – Let’s say you buy some products and a customer has bought one of them. So, the data is saved while the customer makes a purchase to analyze and check which products are bought frequently. On the basis of their interests, you can send them campaigns and promotional stuff.
  • Expandable Reach – With online marketing or digital marketing, businesses are able to reach huge audience base, as the marketers are able to market their brands or products and services to the consumers globally.
  • Track Your Actions – Digital marketing comes with unique feature of tracking results. With the help of tools like Google Analytics and Doppler, you can optimize the results of your running campaigns, by which you can measure the efficiency of your marketing.
  • Better Customer Relationship – Being a marketer, you can collect emails and contact details of your potential buyers and can reach out to them whenever a new product is launched. You can give them any valuable items like short video tutorials, gift coupons for your products and services.

I hope you’ll find this blog helpful if you’re interested in learning online marketing and the ways to start online marketing for your venture or business, or simply if you want to advertise or promote anything on the internet. Do share this blog with your friends or family, who you think are planning to start their business in the near future and you think this article will be really helpful to them. If you haven’t already subscribed to the blog yet, I’d request you to do so, as we publish great content on SAP, Online Marketing and Business, twice a week! So, make sure you never miss an update from us.

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SES 81: Top Ways to Grow Your Brand Online

Today, everything has become online from shopping to education to consumer needs, travels, etc. This is the main reason why every business should do Online Marketing for their businesses. People say if you wish to grow your brand online, you should begin branding yourself first. But that’s entirely not true. Although it does give you an edge over others.

Online Marketing has got a lot of popularity among small-scale businesses and startups in the last decade or so. The size and nature of the business doesn’t matter these days, rather online marketing does, especially for the branding. With online marketing, you can reach a million of people online (to a wider range of audience). And that’s why many business owners prefer online advertising and promotion for their business branding.

Thus, let’s check out some of the easy and top ways to grow your brand online.

1. Do Your Homework!

You heard it. For every business or business planning, you’re always recommended to do your homework. That means, doing little bit of research work for your business is important. By research work, I mean the market research, business running successful in the same (your) niche, what exactly your brand will give to the customers online, how will your brand or business solve the problems of customers. You must have a clear understanding about your brand and what you expect from it. Doing this kind of research work can always boost your ways to reach more audience.

2. Target Audience

In order to start a business or before growing your business online, it is highly advised to know your target audience. When you know your target audience, then you’d know the people you’re going to serve.

Once you set your target audience, it becomes easier to reach the customers for your brand. Make sure to to precisely target the audience bracket that would be ideal for your brand promotion. This will also help you in knowing which audience will actually buy your services or products.

3. Design a Website

This is considered the most basic step and compulsory in growing your brand online. In today’s world, when everything happen online, also you find all the customers online, having a website gives you a gateway to reach your audience with a constant rate.

Check if your website is efficient and highly responsive to load, if you already have a website. While if you don’t have a website, then probably you should get going right away. Or maybe hire someone to design one for you, for your business.

4. Content is the King!

The one who does content marketing, is the one who connects with the audience quicker is able to reach the target audience. When it comes to content marketing, you can write and develop valuable content like articles, blogs, tutorials, e-books or video content, that can be engaging for your target audience.

Writing a blog doesn’t help, but writing a valuable content in the blog does. Quality blogs usually gives your website or your business, the perfect boost in order to grow your brand online.

5. Social Media Marketing

Since, there are 3.4 Billion active users browsing the feed on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest), it is a pretty good idea to dive into social media marketing and use all the possible social media platforms for online marketing, in order to grow your business online. The social media platforms also increases the traffic volume too on your content online.

6. Be friends with Contemporary Bloggers

One should know that in order to reach the target audience, one must first reach out to the other influencers or bloggers in the industry. Having a decent rapport with a couple of most influential contemporaries in the business, can be really helpful.

Try to start and develop a friendship with other bloggers or business owners who have a large fan base or audience, so that it becomes easy for you to reach more and more people online to grow your brand. They can be willing to either share your post or retweet to their fan following, if you share a good bond with them. This will not only help you in getting new audience, but will also help you get you an exposure to a wider range of users online.

7. Go, Network!

It is great if you reach out to your contacts on social media platforms and tell them about your business or your brand. But, meeting people offline also add an extra edge to the brand promotion. How? Well, usually it is suggested to network and attend local events happening in your locality or city, in order to make new connections. This way, you will expand your audience bracket starting with branding yourself.

8. Engage with Audience

Posting online on platforms about your brand won’t do any good if you don’t engage your audience. The most crucial step in building your online presence for your brand, is to create engaging posts and content in order to engage them. If you truly want to grow your brand online with online marketing, interact with your audience not just on your posts or content, but on others’s as well. This way you will build strong relationships with your audience and fellow contemporaries too. Interact with your audience and followers in comments, and even ask them to fill out any sort of surveys for your business.

I hope you’ll find this blog helpful if you’re interested in learning all the top/best ways to grow your brand online with the help of Online Marketing in order to survive in this mad race. If you haven’t already subscribed to the blog yet, I’d request you to do so, as we publish great content on SAP, Online Marketing and Business every single day (6 days a week!). So, make sure you never miss an update from us.

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SES 77: How to Launch a Profitable Digital Product?

These days, selling digital products has become one of the top businesses for all kinds of freelancers, individuals, marketers, home makers, and students. This business of selling digital products has actually helped millions of people all over the world earn a stable passive income every month. Some even do it full-time after quitting their jobs and make this business as their sole income stream for life, since they’ve found success in their businesses.

A wide variety of platforms and tools available on the internet, it is now easy for anyone to build and sell their own digital products like E-books, Slideshow, Online Courses, How-to videos and even Video Tutorials. Even if you have a dedicated team for the product launch and marketing, but without proper planning, you won’t be able to get the success that your product is capable of bringing in. So, today I’ll break down the the key steps for a profitable digital product launch.

  • Product Quality: The first and foremost important thing for a profitable launch is to have a high-quality unique product that your customers would like to buy from you. Make sure to create a digital product that’s in-line with the issues faced by your customers and something which solves their problems. The digital product you create will be successful and profitable for you and your business, if it addresses and resolved problems of a large number of people. So, plan out your product accordingly, because building any product will not be useful as it won’t reach many people to generate you sales.
  • The Right Platform: There are a number of options available on the internet today, in terms of the platform for your digital products. But, choosing the right platform is very critical as it will get you maximum conversions, thus, maximum sales. Having a running blog or a website with a good number of subscribers in the email list, is proved to be really beneficial to get sales for your digital product. Selling your digital products gets easier if you have subscribers or target audience in the email lists. Also, make sure to design an attractive sales page or a sales funnel, in order to make it easy for the viewers or buyers to navigate and order your product right after the landing page (sales page).
  • Plan a Kickass Marketing Strategy: In the planning phase, this one’s highly important. Plan out a strategy that not just outlines your advertising or marketing strategies respective to various channels or networks, but also maximizes your chance of attracting a huge number of customers for your products. Build your own community of brands or startups working in your niche and understand their promotion strategies. Sharing your digital products with other brands or entrepreneurs might get you new buyers or customers. Another option for easy and quick marketing, is to join a group or a community on Facebook to advertise your digital products. People might not buy it in the first instant, but will surely share with their connections/friends or network, that will eventually boost your strategy even more.
  • Easy-Breezy Customer Relationship: Building a strong customer relationship is important for any kind of business. And so is creating an easy buying experience for the customers. Creating an attractive sales page is one thing, but it won’t help your business, if the sales page doesn’t provide an easy-breezy buying experience to the customers. Options like beautiful landing page to describe your digital product, easy & safe payment methods, speedy checkout and finally delivery and quality of the product – these all hold so much significance, since working on all of them can give you a profitable launch of your digital product.
  • Support: Your job isn’t done, once the customer buys the product and you deliver it to them. It even continues after the sale is made, which many businesses lack, because of which the customers switch to other businesses with customer support and feedback. Listening to the customer’s feedback, answering their questions (if any), and providing them some premium offers or deals – this is what the customers looks forward to and expects from sales. Thus, after sales support is also way too important.

The above pointers that I’ve described are the areas to must keep in mind, before creating a digital product, in order to have a crazy profitable launch. All of them make up for a successful product launch strategy, that’s required for a digital product launch.

I hope you’ll find this blog helpful if you’re interested in understanding how to create a digital product and how to launch a profitable digital product for your business. If you haven’t already subscribed to the blog yet, I’d request you to do so, as we publish great content on SAP, Online Marketing and Business every single day (6 days a week!). So, make sure you never miss an update from us.

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SES 74: Want to Grow Your Email List? Use my Email Marketing Hack!

Email marketing is highly adaptable, no matter what business. You can build emails to advertise your business or to promote the services and products. You can do so by targeting social media channels to have larger audience base. Being totally inexpensive is its biggest advantage and that’s one of the reasons why email marketing is preferred these days in all sectors. So, you can easily implement email marketing system for your company or business and cast it according to your business plan.  

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Easy to Use: It’s damn easy to run any email marketing campaign for you and also for your customers, as they’ll easily get what you’re trying to talk about or trying to promote in the email.
  • Tracking Insights: You can always be assured that your campaign is going strong. How? As with any email marketing platform, you’ll be able to see demographics of your audience, number of clicks and the number of visitors and buyers on your landing page or the website.
  • Absolutely Inexpensive: Compared to other marketing tools and platforms available online, email marketing is cheaper. So, a lot of your money is saved.

No matter what type of organization you run, email marketing can help you connect and grow your audience and convert prospects into loyal customers – at a fraction of the cost of most other marketing channels. In fact, email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels that exists. Did you know that for every $1 you invest in email marketing you get $44 in return?

Some of the ways you can grow your email list include: Free E-Books & Guides (free content to the world), Affiliate Links, Webinars, Pop-Ups, Ads on the Blog/Website, Giveaways, or even Guest Blog Posting as a Contributor to someone else’s Blog.

Email marketing allows you to build relationships and brand recognition, further educate your email subscribers, and promote events and sales. Plus, it’s easy to align your email content with social media. And with the right tools and support at your fingertips, you can achieve all of that – no design or coding experience needed. I’ve been using AWeber since quite some time as it’s the best so far compared to others that I’ve tested. AWeber is an easy-to-use email marketing tool that allows business owners and entrepreneurs to cultivate relationships with their customers.

Since 1998, AWeber has been the email engine powering the growth of organizations around the world, including leading sites like Social Media Examiner and ProBlogger and industry influencers such as Peter Shankman and Ann Handley.

Today, more than 120,000 small- and mid-size businesses, entrepreneurs, agencies and non-profits are making the most of AWeber’s sophisticated segmentation and analytics capabilities, extensive template libraries and industry-leading deliverability and live support.

The team at AWeber is happy to help you grow with email marketing. And they’re with you when you need them – 7 days a week – so you’ll never have to figure it out alone.

They also have plenty of educational resources, such as: free webinars, how-to guides, video tutorials and an award-winning blog that is regularly updated with best practices and advice to help you improve your email marketing. This way, you’ll always find the answers to your questions.

I hope you’ll find this blog useful if you’re interested in email marketing or you’re looking for an email marketing platforms for your business. If you haven’t already subscribed to the blog, I’d request you to do so, as we publish great content on SAP, Online Marketing and Business every single day. So, make sure you never miss an update from us.

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SES 71: How to Advertise Your Business on YouTube?

With the advent of online video streaming and video advertising, YouTube has drastically grown with above 4 billion videos watched daily on YouTube. If you run a business on your own, then you’d know how important it is to advertise your business and promote your services to your prospects and customers.

Some businesses say using YouTube didn’t do anything much greater for them. While I like to differ. If used regularly for promotion or advertising your business, YouTube can bring in so much into your business, because to begin with, its cost-effective. So, if you’re thinking to use YouTube as a part of your marketing strategy, then your business will flourish and reach more audience globally.

If you’re not confident and not sure how YouTube can help you in your business, then let me break down some of the unheard advantages and hacks of YouTube, using which you can get maximum success for your business.

  • Get on Google Search: Writing blogs about your niche or about the services your business offers and then creating YouTube videos about it too, can help you with the Google searches. HOW?? Well, in a Google search, the results show text/articles plus the related or relevant YouTube videos, which means creating business videos on YouTube and using the platform for your business, can actually help you get found in top Google search results. Also, using and incorporating different platforms can boost your business’s authority. Thus, higher the business authority, higher the chances of getting higher ranks of Google Searches.
  • Content is the King: Suppose you or your team has written and published many blogs on one of the niches of your business. With Youtube, you don’t need to create new content for the same topic or same niche subject. Rather, you can develop or create similar content using the content that you already have (blogs/website articles), in the form of a YouTube video. This way your business not only is able to reach the audience, but it also helps you prevent your precious time creating the same content. Speaking of content, you can recreate the same content for your podcasts, or slideshow presentations or even online courses.
  • Get Access to YouTube Traffic: Did you know that reaching your audience is a lot easier by creating YouTube videos and by running your own Ads on YouTube. YouTube is considered to be 3rd most visited website and 2nd biggest search engine. And this is one of the huge reasons why businesses should try YouTube too apart from other marketing strategies. Even if you’re not a native English speaker, still you can reach millions of users online for your business. I’d also suggest you to put email auto-responders, your featured product or service that your business offers, or other relevant videos on queue, so that the viewers also get a call-to-action in your videos. This drives them to take actions thereby helping in your business revenue.
  • Let Subscriber Promote: You might have across a couple of videos so far on YouTube with a person promoting about his course/product or simply his business, which helps them reach millions of users or customers at once, convincing them to buy their digital product, which increases their sales, and thus, the revenue. Therefore, if used properly and regularly, you can generate a number of leads and sales by promoting your products or services on YouTube. Even creating ads for the same can change the way you look at business in the right way. This way, you can actually allow your subscribers and other new viewers of your videos, to promote and advertise your products and even buy them from you.
  • Boost Revenue with Google AdSense: With the help of this simple tool, you can earn money by placing ads on your website. You can block, edit and choose what kind of ad suits your business requirements. Let’s understand how Google Adsense works. Select format of your ads and place them wherever you want them to be on the website. In a real-time auction, the advertisers bid for your ad space and so when your ads are clicked and viewed, you get paid. This is how you make money on Google AdSense. Choose to display text, rich media (images) in your ads to make sure you have your desired high-quality ad. You can even fix if something’s not functioning as required, right from your dashboard, which shows your ads performance metrics. Keep monitoring the performance on a regular basis to boost your revenue.

If you want to read in-depth about how to advertise a Business using Google Advertising, buy this smart guide here!

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SES 68: How to Advertise a Book Before Writing?

Did you think promoting a book you wrote is the toughest job? Think again. Writing a book is easy, but writing a good book is little tricky and tough. And in order to gain maximum success of your book, there are a number of ways to reach the audience. The simplest one being……… ready?

Word of Mouth Recommendation!

Sometimes, it is advisable to start promotion of the book before the release. Why so? Because that way you build the required hype in the audience about the book. Reaching a limited few number of loyal buyers is better than thousands of faceless buyers for your book. I believe in doing things the right way, no matter how slow. Because the end result would definitely be a blast!

Therefore, here are my some simple and tricky marketing hacks for marketing a book that usually people take lightly, but bring in good numbers :

  • Figure out Audience & Budget: This first step is the crucial one which makes the whole book promotion process a lot easier. Figure out who would like your book and try to know everything about these people well. Once you figure out your audience who will actually your buyers, you can figure out the budget too. When it comes to marketing your book, start with planning the budget. How much will you spend on promoting your book, both paid marketing campaigns and traditional? Figuring out the budget will help you know the exact expenditure of the entire marketing of the book.
  • Shoot a Campaign: Once the budget is finalized, it’s time to shoot a marketing campaign. Select the duration for the campaign in such a way that the campaign continues to promote your book even after it is released or launched. We won’t get into the ways in which you can build your marketing campaigns. But make sure you devote enough time for marketing to reach your audience.
  • Create Your Author Page: If its your first book, try to write about yourself (biography) in about 1000-2000 words and briefly describe your personality, who you are as a person and about the idea of writing this book. If you’re self-publishing your book, then Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), allows you to create your own Author Page to connect with readers and audience. Plus, with the KDP Select Program, you can make more money through Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.
Check out how I wrote my first book in just 3 weeks! Both Amazon Kindle and Paperback versions are available for purchase. So, go grab yourself a copy, today! 🙂
  • Grow Email List: Start building your network by growing inviting visitors to subscribe to your blog or channel. Visitors or viewers only subscribe to the email list when they’re convinced that unique value-rich content is provided. This way grow your email list and make a buzz about your book launch. This usually work wonders for the people who don’t know you personally, but would be interested in your book. I’d advise you to keep in touch with your subscribers or followers and keep them updated about your book release, while giving them enough quality content.
  • What time is it? It’s Giveaway Time: Boost your customer engagement and product discovery with the help of giveaways. You can introduce your book to new customers via various marketing channels and offer exclusive discounts to all the participants of the giveaway, thereby driving more and more sales. You can even reward the loyal buyers or customers for watching a promo video or a book trailer video or simply by following the author (that’s YOU) on social media.

I hope you’ll find this blog useful if you’re interested in learning how to promote your own book before releasing or publishing, so as to get maximum number of sales later. If you haven’t already subscribed to the blog, I’d request you to do so, as we publish great content on SAP, Online Marketing and Business every single day. So, make sure you never miss an update from us.

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SES 63: Affiliate Marketing Beginner’s Class for Newbies

An Affiliate is a person who sells other people’s products and makes commission with every sale that he/she generates. You drive traffic/viewers to the sales page of the product and when someone whom you drove to the sales page, buys the product, you get a commission. It’s that simple!

Affiliate marketing is the profitable way to do business and generate loads of income online. There are many websites and blogs out there that inspire millions of people all around the world to help them make their commissions from affiliate marketing. Many online blogs provide the greats ways to earn passive income via affiliate marketing. So how does Affiliate Marketing actually work? It’s not rocket science, it’s that simple. My definition of Affiliate Marketing is as follows:

Internet Marketing wherein you refer an online (digital) product or a service to someone and when the user buys the product or service using your referral link, you make a commission for yourself! This commission can vary from $10 to $10,000 for each sale, on the basis of the product or service you advertise. Let me #BreakItDown the steps for Affiliate Marketing in a simple way for better understanding.

  • After vigorous research, join an affiliate program or course online.
  • Choose a product of your choice to advertise or market.
  • Share your unique affiliate link with your contacts in your network and on all social media platforms.
  • Lastly, you make a pretty good commission when someone buys the product you advertised, using your link.

Some of the genuine marketplaces for affiliate marketing and affiliate products are ClickBank, CJ Affiliates and ShareASale, that have over 140+ billion revenue generated in affiliate marketing. Many such platforms provide programs for both advertisers (affiliates) and publishers (vendors). So, you can make sales by promoting products and earn commissions by partnering with the brands. Payment also gets easy in affiliate marketing, unless other marketing options available in the market. PayPal makes it easy for you to accept payments on time, and carry out transactions whenever you want. You can even use Amazon Stripe or other tools for accepting the commissions. But, make sure you have the account ready before you join any affiliate program, so that you don’t miss your hard-earned payments.

Affiliate Marketing Beginner’s Class for Newbies by Dixita Galiyal

Here’s my step-by-step procedure to do affiliate marketing for beginners. Move forward with any one of the following:

  •  Write a blog and use it to advertise a product or service.
  •  Create a YouTube channel to market products or services.
  •  Buy paid traffic from Facebook to drive it to the Sales page or Landing page.

Once you have your blog finished, you can get started with affiliate marketing right away:

  • Pick an affiliate product or service as per your niche that you wish to advertise or market.
  • Your blog should be written in a way that it revolves around the marketed product or service, to drive traffic to your affiliate blog post. Take help from email marketing services to reach targeted customers (you can use any of the email marketing tools discussed in the previous chapters).
  • Develop automated-emails to drive sales funnels for your affiliate products and services. Automated-emails also save up much time, so that you can focus on other stuff!
  • Once you hit the target market and are able to reach buyers on one-on-one basis, repeat the process.

Still confused? Let’s break it down even further.

  • Online buyer decides to buy a product online.
  • He lands on the Affiliate Page.
  • He is then directed to the Merchant Page or Vendor website.
  • The buyer makes the purchase and the vendor gives you a reward to appreciate your effort and time.

It can’t get any simpler than this. Blogging requires absolutely zero investment from you and thus, you can learn pretty much everything on the topic. Parameters like time, effort, energy and dedication is all that’s needed for blogging or even for an online marketing business.

Sometimes, many products that you find online come with 30-120 days cookie time frame. Now what does that mean? Well, if suppose a visitor clicks your affiliate link and lands on the main sales page of the product, but doesn’t buy anything. However, if he visits the link or affiliate page in the next 30-120 days duration and buys the product, you still make a commission out of it.

Let’s understand Digital Marketing or Online Marketing with a real-world example. There’s a Webinar (let’s consider it a product) from one of the profound Online Marketers in the world. This Webinar is an online course on Affiliate Marketing and the product is his Course on the same. Thus, to learn more about Affiliate Marketing in real world and how it is done practically, you can enroll for this Course.

This Affiliate Training Course has given the world, it’s first four 7-figure marketers who are successful billionaires now. Sounds so cool, right? You could be next! The course is not complicated and as far as the syllabus and tutorials of the course go by, it has worked wonders for pretty much everyone in the world right now. This course has helped thousands of people to create a respectable side-income, some of which making 7-figure income every year and living their dreams!

Here are some of the successful students (now turned top entrepreneurs), after taking this Course.

This man created 7-figure income from this course. He says it changed his business and his life forever

This is another student, Ronnie who was successful from this course. He now travels the world with his partner.


To enroll for this course, there’s a FREE Webinar, in which you will learn how to generate commissions on promotion of an affiliate product and how to keep up the game to continue getting great results. Once enrolled for the free training, keep checking your email for notification on the live webinar. It’s that simple! I hope you get all the basic understanding of Online Marketing and I hope you implement all my hacks in your online marketing business.

This is a real affiliate link and by enrolling, you can learn and understand the basics of Affiliate Marketing, where can you get affiliate products to advertise and market and how to grow your audience. This free training doesn’t require any kind of experience. Someone who’s just a fresher, or a student or even a home-maker, is eligible to enroll for this free training. I’d recommend you to enroll for this training program and start seeing results. You might get your first commission on the second day post implementation, who knows?


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SES 62: Simple Ways to Boost Blog Traffic

Great content on the internet doesn’t generate traffic like that. One needs to put more effort in making sure the content gets more and more readers than writing that content. One of the major challenges bloggers and writers face is to create unique content that’s not just different than others, but reaches maximum people all over the world.

You’re a blogger and you’ve written great content after hours of research work. You even share those blogs multiple times (maybe) on all social media networks. Honestly, you’ve left no stone unturned. But even after all that hard work, you still don’t get enough readers for your blog! And unfortunately, this has happened quite a few times now for a couple of your other blogs too. Disappointing, isn’t it? You feel like giving up. You tried everything you can find and learn on the internet, everything in your capacity, but you just don’t get enough traffic on your website or your blogs.

Technically as per my experiences, a right proportion of content quality + SEO, can get a hundreds of new readers every time. This is the reason why this blog comes into picture. I’ve compiled some of the hacks that I’ve used and implemented into my business, to drive traffic to my blogs. You might be doing this already, but if you haven’t, then I suggest you implement these for your blog to get more traffic.

  • Make Your Blog Strategic: As a blogger or a content developer, your sole job is to create better content, content that differs from others, and the one that gets more and more readers. By creating unique and great content for the visitors or readers, you even make your content or blog, strategic for the marketing. You should know the needs of your readers and visitors, and what they like, in order to create successful content. No matter what niche you pick, your blog should either be educational and beneficial. When you want to create a great content, think of all the niches you can write on or create content on, that maybe useful to people. Time is not the constraint in getting high traffic and blogging. Many bloggers get thousands of readers for their blogs even after 3 or 4 years from publishing. In order to find a topic or a title for your blog, you can simply search online, or simply use the keywords from those niche to find out what’s trending in the market. That way, you’ll have the topic for your next blog. Try Buzzsumo, to know what keywords or topics others are using and find keywords for your content as well. The content that’s creative, i.e., it’s filled with content, external links, relevant free downloads, resources, audio files, video and analytics, generally get number of shares and likes!
  • Awesome Titles/Headings: The key part of a blog is always an awesome title or a headline. So, make sure to create one so that it becomes irresistible for the visitors online and grand their attention. A great content with external links and video files won’t get much hits or views, if you don’t have a attention-grabbing headlines or title and sub-headings. You can hire some experienced professional for fantastic titles to your Blogs. Spending $10 on someone for catchy titles, can generate tonnes of views and visitors or readers on your blog or website, which in turn can boost your revenue too! Also, don’t hesitate to try out things for your business. If you don’t want to hire, and think of anything creative and catchy, you can keep one title and change it later maybe after a certain time. During the period, check your analytics for number of visitors, views, likes and shares. If you don’t see any progress, it’s time to change the title/heading again. You can continue doing this as many times as you like, till you find good results and you’re satisfied with it.

Want more Blog Traffic? Want a list of the best Marketing Tools and Platforms for your Brand/Business? Grab this Kickass Smart Guide, today!

  • Exhibit Your Blogs in Newsletter: Advertising plays a crucial role in every business. Once your blogs are finished, and they’re up and running, and you’ve shared it on social media channels too, then maybe it’s time to showcase them into your newsletters. Include your great content in the newsletter before sending it out to your clients or subscribers, which can drive even more traffic for your blogs. One of the ways you can drive traffic to your blog or website, is to build an email list for your Blog Newsletter. In the beginning, you may not have thousands of contacts. But, once you have over thousands of email contacts added to your list, you can send your weekly or monthly blog newsletters to your email list, bringing more number of visitors to your website. You can even showcase one of the featured blogs or something which is trending in the market, that people might be interested in. When people start getting enough knowledge or skills from your blogs, and when they’re interested in your niche, they might like the external links or even affiliate links relevant to them. With time, you email list will eventually become your customers and might even buy your digital products in future too, who knows!
  • Blog Optimization for Efficiency: Ever came across a website or a link to a blog that just takes forever to load? You feel like leaving right after 5 seconds, isn’t it? The readers and visitors won’t wait for your blogs to load. Trust me, you don’t want your readers to hit BACK button and leave your blog. Thus, in order to avoid this issue, you should check your website’s speed – how much does it take to load completely? How much time does the blogs take to load? There are a number of tools available online for better optimization of websites. PageSpeed Insights by Google, can be useful to analyze your website, tips to improve the optimization for better efficiency and so much more.
  • Keep Networking: Besides blogging, working on your online business, or a project, you should network too. This may not happen overnight. But, this step will help you long-term to drive traffic to your blogs. So, building and then maintaining strong relationships with other businesses in the same niche as yours, can really boost your blog traffic. You can Follow, Like, Share other blogger’s work and even write a guest post for them. You should even link your own blogs to help create a health relationship with other bloggers and businesses. This way, you can drive and boost a lot more traffic than you think.

Basic Traffic Sources & Categories

Moreover, you should know all the four main sources of your website or blog traffic, which are: Paid, Organic, Direct and Referral.

  1. Paid Traffic: This is the type of traffic you get from paid advertising campaigns like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, and Bing Ads.
  2. Organic Traffic: This type of traffic from searching online (search engines), organically.
  3. Direct Traffic: This is a special category of traffic that comes directly on your blog or website by searching your name, or your brand’s name on Google or Yahoo.
  4. Referral Traffic: When someone mentions you or your business online, and your backlinks and affiliate links, that bring in traffic fall under this category. It could be from any social media or a third party website.

I hope you’ll find this blog useful if you’re interested in boosting and improving your blog traffic. If you haven’t already subscribe to the blog, I’d request you to do so, as we publish great content on SAP, Online Marketing and Business every single day. So, make sure you never miss an update from us.

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SES 59: Top SEO Marketing Tools

Since, technology landscape and marketing tools and their features are changing rapidly, it is crucial to keep yourself updated and familiar with the marketing models and online marketing strategies and hacks. We all understand online marketing or digital marketing or internet marketing. But it’s actually a huge investment to start your online business. The man is successful in this digital age, who takes full advantage of the internet and makes the best use of all the resources available to him.

Got any ideas for your next adventure? Planning any big holiday or vacation with family to some island? Or planning a world tour with your Whatever you wish for, no matter how big, or small, or stupid it may sound, but it is all possible with online marketing. Many small businesses and individual marketers and entrepreneurs still don’t know what marketing tools to use, what platforms to use for their small young businesses. How do you know if you’re investing your money in the right tool? Can you guarantee that the marketing platform you’re using will bring you huge revenue? Well, honestly in the beginning, we don’t know.

Many of us are still figuring it out. Usually, we do ‘hit-and-trial’ method to check if the tool and the platform is the right one for our business. This takes about a couple of months and about good amount of money, which in turn gets frustrating after a point of time.

Online marketing is sometimes referred as digital marketing. And needless to say, digital marketing i.e., online marketing is winning customer’s hearts. But there are many out there, who still are not getting it right. That’s because of the lack of awareness. Not everyone is aware of marketing and the power of online marketing.

Therefore, I’ve compiled some of the best SEO marketing tools that I’ve tested and used for my businesses over the last 8 years. Let’s go!

  • SpyFu: This one is useful if you want to check your competition. Just enter your competitor’s website URL (no matter what niche it is), and the tool will show up the best profitable keywords used by your competitors. This tool is used find new SEO and PPC options and it also provides you various backlinks so that you can plan your next marketing strategy.
  • Alexa: If you’re looking for analytical insights better than your competitors in the market and optimize your site, then this is the one. It shows you the benchmark of your site compared to other in the same niche.
  • Google PageSpeed: To get real-time analysis of your website speed, use Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • Browseo: Ever thought of searching your own site through the lens of internet? Or through any search engine for that matter? Well, this tool just does that and lets you insert your website URL and will show you the complete hierarchy of elements in your site. The result you see will change every time you use it.
  • Google Trends: Google Trends is one of the products of Google and is a free tool that lets you search for keywords on the basis of volume and demographic conventions.
  • The tool shows you the complete list of best and commonly searched keywords, that is beneficial to target customers or audience for your particular niche.
  • SimilarWeb: Check whether your SEO is on point or not, with the help of this tool. This one can be used to compare two website URLs and their stats. This way, you can see what does your site lack.
  • Google Analytics (MosterInsights): This powerful tool is packed with a huge number of metrics and can be used to track important conversion options. If you have a WordPress Website, integrate it with Google Analytics by MonsterInsights, and get the stats you need
  • Siteliner: Find broken links, duplicate content and duplicate SEO with the help of this tool. Insert URL of a website and you’re good to go!
  • SEMRush: Use this tool to access SEO, content and marketing tools to be on top of the search results on all search engines, and up your SEO game. It also provides deep data analytics on commonly used keywords.

I hope you’ll find this blog useful and beneficial if you’re interested in marketing tools and platforms for SEO and if you want t o improve SEO for your online business.

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