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This is a Pulse-Pounding and Smart Guide to give you all the tasty informational hacks on Online Marketing!

Book Description

Today in this age, anything and everything can be solved with the help of marketing. And to do great marketing, you don’t have to be a pro at it. Just be a learner. Like I always say, Keep Learning and Keep Evolving. Whatever you do in life both on professional and personal levels, any problem you face, maybe at school or at work or even at home, its only because of poor marketing.
If you visit my house, especially my room, you’ll be stunned. You’ll think you’ve landed at a library. I have huge piles of books on various versatile topics ranging from Online Business to Marketing Strategies, to Business Guides, to Entrepreneurship, to even Fiction!

I’m a firm believer in learning. If you believe in learning, irrespective of your age, language and location, then you’ll be successful. I’ve always been a learner and this habit of mine has helped me shape who I am today.
It’s funny that majority of people still don’t know the power of good marketing. Those who know, have mastered it already and have taken their businesses to a whole new level altogether. Stuck with a math problem? Or with an HTML code of your site? Or facing issues with selling products online? Or have difficulty with product promotion? The answer to all the problems, is – GREAT MARKETING.

In this book, I’ve listed out and described some not so common hacks on Online Marketing, that I’ve learnt and implemented over the last 9 years. The advantage here lies with the reader, as I’ve not written any chapter very long and boring. So, you can start from the very beginning or start from the middle from any particular chapter. Yes, you heard it right. Jump on to any chapter. Learn it, and then implement it in your business. You can even implement some of the hacks to your personal life too!

In order to start seeing results, you should implement the strategies from this Guide as soon as possible. There’s a competitive world. If you waste time thinking about the ways to develop or design anything, let’s say a blog to attract customers, trust me you’ll keep thinking for minutes, for hours and even for days. Thus, it is profitable for anyone who starts immediately, because by the time you decide to buy a domain or just decide on a domain name, hundreds of blogs are already published and running. So, I’d recommend you not to overthink. Just do it!

This Kindle Version E-Book talks about the secret hacks of Online Marketing that the author has tested and implemented over the years.


The book, Online Marketing HACKS by Dixita Galiyal is available in both Kindle and Paperback version.