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Online Marketing HACKS (Paperback)

In this smart and action-oriented book/guide, Dixita Galiyal presents a proven solution that will take you and your online marketing business from scratch to successful running business online in 90 days! Online Marketing HACKS turns aspiring online marketers into successful full-time Entrepreneurs. Online Marketing HACKS also helps you grow your income, authority, and business through online marketing strategies used by businesses today to become billionaires.


Online Marketing HACKS (Kindle E-Book)

Online Marketing HACKS equips readers with the essential knowledge and skills required for Online Marketing to unlock the Entrepreneur that has been burning inside them, calling them to share their wisdom with the world.


Introductory Session Cardinal Document

The basic fundamentals and function of SAP Expert Solutions, complementary gifts to Premium members of SES.


Top #4 Online Marketing HACKS (E-Book)

Get your hands on the most useful guide of 2020 - The Top #4 Online Marketing HACKS for every niche and every kind of business.


Dixita’s Books for Pre-Order

Earn Full-Time From Blogging! (E-Book)

Dixita Galiyal worked the traditional 9-5 for a few years post her graduation and founded her Online Business called SAP Expert Solutions, last year in 2019. Although she’s been blogging since 2015 for individual clients, but in 2019 she took a leap of faith and decided to write her own blogs. After over a year, she’s now making money more than her previous SAP jobs. Though her results are not so accurate, but the book covers all the steps to earn income from blogs and how to turn the passion for blogging into a full-time job and make money out of it!


Top-Notch Business Ideas & Business Models for 2020 (E-Book)

Filled with proven hacks from the author of Online Marketing HACKS and Instagram Hacks 101, the Top-Notch Business Ideas & Business Models for 2020, which is a playbook that shows you all the best and top-notch business models and highly efficient business ideas for 2020.


INSTAGRAM HACKS 101 – Let’s Break Down the Algorithm of Instagram (E-Book)

Filled with proven hacks from the author of Online Marketing HACKS, Instagram Hacks 101 is an all new guide that breaks down the basic fundamentals and algorithm of the world’s most popular photo-sharing platform. This smart book is packed with basic knowledge one needs to succeed on Instagram and also tells you all the mistakes you should avoid in order to gain maximum potential from the platform.