SES 91: My 10 Hour/Day Work Routine as the Founder

Are you an Entrepreneur? Do you like working for yourself? Well, I do. To begin with, I started my online business about a year ago, but the funding and planning commenced almost 3 years ago. Why did I plan my own online business back then, even though I was working for a client 9-5? To be honest, I was always fascinated by the idea of Entrepreneurship and I always wanted to work for myself.

Also, I’ve always learnt a lot about business and management myself, which pushed me even more to start my own business.

I didn’t start my online business purely to make money, but because of the fact that I was damn interested in the strategies and planning of how money is made. This is the top most reason why I started my business. And having to do what you love, really makes you happy.

I surely love what I do and I believe I’m good at it. The Engineering Mathematics mixed with the SAP Technology and Business Management – that was one of dream plans for my online business, that I’ve built over the last 2 years and which I get to live everyday now. Why I do what I do? I rightly love what I do and so much so, that I can go on working for 6 or 8 or even 12 hours a day (sometimes). But most of the times, I limit myself to working about 10 hours/day.

So, let’s get into the work routine and I think it’s really cool! I work 10 hours a day, but I’m always done with work by 6 hours or sometimes 7 hours. Although I work for 10 hours/day, but I can actually run my business in just about 6-8 hours every day. Wondering, how? Well, I’ve always believed in planning and I like to prioritize my work in order to get things done. Which is why, I always prepare and schedule everything in advance. Talking about the preparation, I usually end up working extra mile to run my business for a month or so. Thus, even if I don’t work, I don’t show up for meetings and conferences with the team, my business still runs perfect and smooth because of the planning I do in advance.

Then why do I put in those extra hours every day when I can run my business successfully in just 6 hours/day? Well, that’s solely because I love what I do so damn much, that I’m motivated every day to work in continuously improving and growing my online business.

Now, let’s break down my 10 hour/day work routine, in order to growing my business. This is my actual routine every week. And to give you some context, I run an online business that provides SAP solutions worldwide to our clients, business consultations and guidance in online marketing and passive income. We’re on track to hit $100,000 revenue by next year (which is not even 12 months of launching). Also, I’ve a support team of 41 professionals, who work for me in running my business and who put in about 30 hours/week. So, let’s get into it!

1. Planning

The first 30 minutes of every day, I spend on the planning. Why do I emphasize on planning that much? In order to be efficient at what I do, optimize my revenue, and reach my goals weeks after weeks, I prefer planning. To maximize the profits and to capitalize everything effectively, I plan out everything every single day.

What I should focus on for that day? What should I put on top priority in terms of business for that day? And what things to prepare for the next day – this all falls under Planning. Every day planning in the first 30 minutes in the morning consists of my top-priority tasks for the day, and the Important things for the day such as things that will impact the business effectively and efficiently for a long run, as planned. I use mainly 2 softwares for business management and planning, which I use for the first 30 minutes of everyday. Sometimes, it consists of planning an event, a giveaway, a content to be created, or a meeting with a client. The software helps me assign tasks to myself and to the team, and keep a check on the tasks to be completed for the day. Also, sometimes I re-schedule other tasks to different days in the week, using the software. After I’m done planning the tasks for the day, I move to the next stage.

2. Content Creation

Content creation is not always the YouTube content, but any form of content creation. Some days I shoot tutorials and lessons for my community members, while on some days I shoot videos for the online programs/courses. Some days I create content for social media, while on other days, I write blogs for the main channel.

The creation of content differs from day to day, but content creation is one thing that gives maximum impact to the business and it’s growth. The more quality content I create with my team, the more prospects and customers the business attracts, and the more people or visitors will be impacted from the content! Every day I spend about 4 hours on content creation.

3. Emails

Most people don’t like it because it takes a lot of your precious time. And I get it why many people want to get it off the plate. That’s why I spend about 30 minutes or so on writing emails to clients, customers, scheduling the business emails on loop, answering the emails to my team back and forth. It’s not that long, but I still prefer emails to connect with clients, customer base and other businesses.

4. Administration

Supporting and managing my team is the next important task for the day. All tasks like – logging into server, writing and running programs myself, saving the projects in the project manager, responding to messages/alerts from my team, answer their queries (if any), transferring files they might need, and doing all sorts of administration work, takes about 3 hours every day.

I try to give it easy to my team who work and help me in growing my online business. I work 3 hours/day giving them the support they need and just making their work little easier in running the business. I give equal responsibilities and aspects of the business to my team members as much as I can, but being my brainchild, I’ve always had a habit of doing everything on my own. Sometimes, I finish almost everything on the platter, that my team doesn’t have to work at all. There are some aspects of the business that I run better, and that only I know, since I’ve ran it all by myself in the beginning. But keeping all that in mind, as the business continues to evolve, I’m now able to hand over and assign the tasks to my team.

5. Miscellaneous Tasks

By now, I’ve spent almost 8 hours of my routine. So, in the second half of the day, I focus on the other projects and miscellaneous tasks for about an hour. Things that are not so important for the day (for the moment), but will be helpful in the near future. These tasks are usually small pieces of a puzzle, which are important for the long run. For me, miscellaneous tasks also cover the upcoming deals/meeting and projects with the new clients. I don’t personally intend to spend my time on such random and miscellaneous things/tasks for the business, but there’s no escape, right? It’s either me or a team member who handles these tasks.

6. Advance Preparation

This is the final stage of my everyday work routine, and probably the significant one too. I always like to keep updated, which is why I prepare everything in advance. Starting from content creation, giveaways, free E-books, market research, SAP server extension and add-ons, generating new leads, prepping for the future blogs, and so much more. This is what I do in the last hour of my day, in terms of preparing everything in advance.

There you have it folks! That’s my everyday 10 hour/day work routine in order to maintain my online business thriving and healthy.

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SES 90: How to Start a Scalable Business in 2019?

Every Entrepreneur dreams to have his or her own scalable business. Isn’t it? Like this blog if you think you have. Because I have. I believe every individual working in a traditional 9-5 job wishes to be an Entrepreneur someday and every Entrepreneur wishes to have his online business that can take care of him. Do you know why? Because at the end of the day, we all want freedom and we all want bigger things in life. Building an online business so massive enough that it can take care of everything, will get you freedom!

Well, starting your own revolutionary business could be anything – starting and maintaining a YouTube channel, providing online services to clients, writing books, day trading, pretty much anything and everything. There a thousand ways to win the game when it comes to starting a business. But, whichever idea you choose to build your business around, make sure that it is scalable for the future growth.

So, let’s dive right into the pool of business!

There are broadly two ways to launch your own scalable business. A – To become an expert of a skill, build a community around it, sell your expertise to the community members and you scale. One of the best examples is a YouTuber who starts a channel on YouTube, builds his community around it, sells his expertise in the form of online course or Books and just scales his business further by scaling his YouTube channel. B – You create or design a platform allowing others (subscribers or prospects or buyers) to make money on your platform, and that’s how you just scale in your business with time. The latter type of business model usually targets billions of people worldwide, thus ends up generating millions of dollars for your business.

Let’s dig deeper now! Podcastsimple and damn scalable. If you wish to target your audience with a webinar or from a course, you’ll be achieve that easily. Just think about it – every human on the planet can listen to your podcast and that’s huge. Why so? Because a Podcast is infinitely scalable since it engages billions of people at once. While, promoting and selling your courses 1-on-1 with each customer isn’t scalable. So, if you do a one-to-many broadcast (Podcast/Self-Published Book/Webinars) and share great quality content, then I can guarantee you can start a scalable online business for the next decades.

No matter what your expertise is and no matter what niche you choose to build your business around. In the end, your product should be infinitely scalable enough to make loads of money even when you sleep.

Key Essentials to Scale a Business in 2019

In order to scale your online business, first make sure there’s absolutely no limit to the scalability of your business. Then, you should focus on the essentials for ensure that your business grows and scales to new levels in future. Therefore, the key essentials to scale a business in 2019, are:

1. Scalable Business

A scalable business model is really important for every Entrepreneur today, as only the business idea or a business model that is scalable can make you not just rich, but wealthy with time.

If you have a great skill and selling that skill to others in the form of a course, and you also have a good return from that investment, but if you don’t have a scalable business, then nothing will be able to work for you for the long run.

Personally, I’d recommend to have numerous products (digital products) in order to scale your business. I’ve sold over 10 digital products online so far (which I’ll cover in the upcoming blog). So, creating digital products and building a chain of products inclined with your business niche and expertise, equals great returns since products are infinitely scalable.

2. Great Income Skill

Majorly all of the world’s richest people have one thing in common – a great income skill. It could be their original expertise or maybe something that they’d learnt and mastered over the years. Having an income skill or an expertise brings in a lot of income, since this “great skill” eventually becomes their professional and their area of expertise and their identity in the real world.

3. High Return Investment

With great income skill/expertise, comes the high return investments. Let’s break it down with an example. If you’re a marketer and you know the basic fundamentals of how the market works. So, you write a book and run a couple of marketing campaigns to advertise and sell your book to your customers online. Thus, your book becomes your “High Return Investment“, as writing and publishing a book on one of your skills on a platform like Amazon, is a sure shot at the huge returns for life!

Since, technology landscape and marketing tools and their features are changing rapidly, it is crucial to keep yourself updated and familiar with the marketing models and online marketing strategies and hacks. We all understand online marketing or digital marketing or internet marketing. But it’s actually a huge investment to start your online business. The man is successful in this digital age, who takes full advantage of the internet and makes the best use of all the resources available to him.

In the end, we wish to increase the revenues of our business significantly higher than the investments we put in while starting it. This is the reason why we want to scale our businesses for the future and this is the very definition of a Scalable Business. As long as you have a good solid foundation, great business solution, and expanding + planning strategies, then you’re good to go. Then, you’re good to build and launch your own scalable business!

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SES 72: Extension of Transactional Apps – Part 1

Working in SAP Industry, especially in the Application Development and SAP UI5 or SAP Fiori, you might have created many apps for various purposes. Thus, the main objective of my post is to show you how to create a Transactional App and release or publish in the SAP Fiori Launchpad. So, let’s go!

Steps to Create a New Project Using a Template

  • Using your credentials, log into the SAP Web IDE and choose NEW PROJECT FROM A TEMPLATE.
  • Choose SAP FIORI FULL SCREEN APPLICATION template, and then hit NEXT.
  • Give a PROJECT NAME and thereafter, hit NEXT. Now, select the backend server connection from the dropdown menu and look for the OData Service, SRA018_SO_TRACKING_SRV. Then, hit NEXT.
  • In the PROJECT SETTINGS, enter the following details:
  • Now, select the following details in the PAGE 2 SECTION & NAVIGATION SECTION and hit NEXT.
  • Once done, hit FINISH to finish your project. Thus, this is the detailed procedure of how to create a new project in the Fiori Launchpad using the Template in the system.

You can test the app you create in the SAP Fiori Launchpad using the mock data and also by checking is all the fields show the exact correct data. In order to do so, dive into the the steps for the same.

Steps to Check/Test App Using Mock Data

  • In the library, select the project that you want to test. Let’s say you wish to test TRACKSALESORDER project, then select INDEX.HTML by right-clicking on it.
  • If you want to display all parameters of PAGE 2 and NAVIGATION SECTION, then click on sales order row following the second (next) screen. That’s how you can test all your create apps in the Launchpad. Now, comes the deploying part of the apps.

Deployment of Apps to the Backend Server

In order to understand how to deploy app to the backend server, let’s dig deep:

  • Click on your project and choose DEPLOY * DEPLOY TO SAPUI5 ABAP REPOSITORY.
  • Provide any DESCRIPTION, NAME and PACKAGE for the same.
  • Select FINISH to complete the project.

Thus, this is how you can deploy an app in the SAP Fiori Launchpad to the Backend Server. For any queries, drop us a line below in the comments section!

How to Publish an App to SAP Fiori Launchpad?

Following are the steps to publish an App to the SAP Fiori Launchpad:

  • Log into the SAP Server using your credentials and with the help of transaction (Tcode) SICF, test the app you have deployed and want to add in the SAP Fiori Launchpad.
  • Now, build a new launchpad using transaction LPD_CUST.
  • Provide the application URL parameters for your app. Now, provide APPLICATION ALIAS and SAP UI5 component details.
  • Create a new catalog in SAP Fiori Launchpad.
  • Fill in these details in the new target mapping:
  • Now, create a new tile and select a new icon and provide the details like TITLE, SEMANTIC OBJECT and ACTION.
  • Once you build a new role in the ABAP system, assign launchpad catalog and user to the role. Now, you should be able to see the new Sales Order Tracker App that you created in the catalog.
  • Finally, add the app into any group or simply MY HOME group and launch the app.

Thus, by now you’ve seen how to build and deploy a transactional app to the ABAP server and finally, publish it into the SAP Fiori Launchpad.

I hope you’ll find my blog useful and beneficial if you’re interested in SAP or working in SAP or planning to switch to SAP. I’ve worked on many SAP Live Projects with many clients (for contracts) and I still work with a few on contractual basis. I’ve to say, I’m learning every single day.

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SES 71: How to Advertise Your Business on YouTube?

With the advent of online video streaming and video advertising, YouTube has drastically grown with above 4 billion videos watched daily on YouTube. If you run a business on your own, then you’d know how important it is to advertise your business and promote your services to your prospects and customers.

Some businesses say using YouTube didn’t do anything much greater for them. While I like to differ. If used regularly for promotion or advertising your business, YouTube can bring in so much into your business, because to begin with, its cost-effective. So, if you’re thinking to use YouTube as a part of your marketing strategy, then your business will flourish and reach more audience globally.

If you’re not confident and not sure how YouTube can help you in your business, then let me break down some of the unheard advantages and hacks of YouTube, using which you can get maximum success for your business.

  • Get on Google Search: Writing blogs about your niche or about the services your business offers and then creating YouTube videos about it too, can help you with the Google searches. HOW?? Well, in a Google search, the results show text/articles plus the related or relevant YouTube videos, which means creating business videos on YouTube and using the platform for your business, can actually help you get found in top Google search results. Also, using and incorporating different platforms can boost your business’s authority. Thus, higher the business authority, higher the chances of getting higher ranks of Google Searches.
  • Content is the King: Suppose you or your team has written and published many blogs on one of the niches of your business. With Youtube, you don’t need to create new content for the same topic or same niche subject. Rather, you can develop or create similar content using the content that you already have (blogs/website articles), in the form of a YouTube video. This way your business not only is able to reach the audience, but it also helps you prevent your precious time creating the same content. Speaking of content, you can recreate the same content for your podcasts, or slideshow presentations or even online courses.
  • Get Access to YouTube Traffic: Did you know that reaching your audience is a lot easier by creating YouTube videos and by running your own Ads on YouTube. YouTube is considered to be 3rd most visited website and 2nd biggest search engine. And this is one of the huge reasons why businesses should try YouTube too apart from other marketing strategies. Even if you’re not a native English speaker, still you can reach millions of users online for your business. I’d also suggest you to put email auto-responders, your featured product or service that your business offers, or other relevant videos on queue, so that the viewers also get a call-to-action in your videos. This drives them to take actions thereby helping in your business revenue.
  • Let Subscriber Promote: You might have across a couple of videos so far on YouTube with a person promoting about his course/product or simply his business, which helps them reach millions of users or customers at once, convincing them to buy their digital product, which increases their sales, and thus, the revenue. Therefore, if used properly and regularly, you can generate a number of leads and sales by promoting your products or services on YouTube. Even creating ads for the same can change the way you look at business in the right way. This way, you can actually allow your subscribers and other new viewers of your videos, to promote and advertise your products and even buy them from you.
  • Boost Revenue with Google AdSense: With the help of this simple tool, you can earn money by placing ads on your website. You can block, edit and choose what kind of ad suits your business requirements. Let’s understand how Google Adsense works. Select format of your ads and place them wherever you want them to be on the website. In a real-time auction, the advertisers bid for your ad space and so when your ads are clicked and viewed, you get paid. This is how you make money on Google AdSense. Choose to display text, rich media (images) in your ads to make sure you have your desired high-quality ad. You can even fix if something’s not functioning as required, right from your dashboard, which shows your ads performance metrics. Keep monitoring the performance on a regular basis to boost your revenue.

If you want to read in-depth about how to advertise a Business using Google Advertising, buy this smart guide here!

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SES 70: Breaking Down the Instagram Algorithm

Want to grow your Personal or Business account on Instagram? Want to get more followers on your Instagram as soon as possible? For those who are new to Instagram and are still getting familiar with every option and the settings, Instagram is a social media app, which lets you store and upload pictures, short video clips on the internet from your smart phone. You can like a picture or a post by giving it a heart, comment and follow others on the platform.

If you have been on the platform for quite some time now, and want to grow your profile, want to get more followers, then it is highly important for you to understand how Instagram works. Understanding the algorithm of this social media star and how it works, will allow you to grow with it quicker than you think.

So, today I’m going to break down the Algorithm with clarity to understand Instagram better.

  • Post to a Small Part of Audience: Did you know that every time you post a picture on Instagram at whatever time, the app algorithm actually displays your post to a very small part or portion of your followers. It initially shows it to only a few people. Why so? This happens just to test whether or not your followers like your post. Let’s say you have about 2000 followers on your Instagram, the algorithm will display it to only 70-100 of your followers to check if they like your post. And how does the algorithm check if your followers are interested in your picture/post? Well, it looks for the engagement the post gets – the number of likes and screen time. The algorithm determines the amount of time people spend to look at your post and calls it the screen time for that post. So, the algorithm will keep showing your post to more number of your followers if it gets good engagement and screen time. Also, the engagement of a post on Instagram is proportional to the size of its audience/followers.
  • Post goes to More People: Once the Instagram algorithm shows your picture/post of the initial smaller portion of your followers, it shows it to more and more people on the platform depending upon the amount of engagement it receives. So, the algorithm basically calculates how many more people to show it to, based on the engagement of the number of people in your audience with your post. It then shows it to 20%-25% of more of your followers checking if they would be interested in your picture/post. Algorithm repeats the process by showing your post to a larger portion of your audience until the engagement gets close to null, when the algorithm stops showing your post to people, when it finds no percentage of engagement with your post.
  • The Hero – #hashtag: People use so many crazy #hashtags these days to reach more and more people. But, not many people know that the Instagram algorithm uses the #hashtags as the search terms on Instagram. The #hashtags work in the similar fashion as the keywords in SEO on the internet. So, whenever you use any kind of #hashtag in your post, it serves the search terms of the algorithm grid. Whenever you search a particular #hashtag on the platform, the algorithm shows you all the posts with that #hashtag, with the relevant post that you’re looking for or you’d like at the top of the search result list. Now, to answer your query, in order to get more engagement of your post with the audience, make sure to use those kind of #hashtags to end up in the top search results, as it’s likely for people to find the top posts in the search #hashtag grid, click on your profile and follow your account. This way, the number of followers increases. Moreover, Instagram algorithm calculates the placement of numerous posts on Instagram using the #hashtags based on two features of the post – 1) How recent is the post? According to algorithm, the most recent posts tend to get higher ranks in the top searched #hashtags. 2) The kind of Engagement of the post, which is calculated as per the account size (followers count).
  • Accounts Suggestion: This is a tricky one to understand. The Instagram algorithm suggests accounts to huge number of users or people, which is why these accounts get high number of followers and engagement. So, how does it work? How does the algorithm show Instagram accounts in the suggested section? When a user follows someone’s Instagram account, let’s say ‘X’ and then follows your Instagram account, then the algorithm suggests your Instagram account to other users on the platform who like or follow the ‘X‘ Instagram account. Easy but little tricky, isn’t it? So, this is how the Instagram algorithm shows up different Instagram accounts or profiles in the suggested section to the users on the platform. Also, the algorithm works excellent for collabs! Suppose you’re collaborating with someone for work, then automatically you’re driving that person’s Instagram audience, which boosts your followers count too and vice versa.

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